Neil McIntyre's thoughts on Stealth Gear Extreme Suit

Being based largely in the Scottish Highlands for my photography and being out in all sorts of weather conditions and often in remote and rugged locations, having the right outdoor clothing is just as important as photography equipment in achieving my pictures. There is no shortage of good gear these days,however none is made so specifically for the outdoor photographer as the stealth-gear suit.


The design of the suit with it's various components cover all the clothing you would ever need. Pockets are essential for any photographer and all parts of the stealth suit has them in abundance and perfectly located, unlike conventional jackets. The very nature of wildlife and landscape photography inevitable means you will be kneeling or sitting down at some point of the day to achieve your pictures, with the design of the trousers and jacket getting damp or wet knees and backside is a thing of the past, just great.

Being extremely well made the stealth-suit is innovative and extremely practical and would be an invaluable addition to your gear if you are any
type of outdoor photographer.