Roe Deer Rescue

Roe Deer Rescue OneNow I know for a fact that when the makers of Stealth Gear sat down to design and produce their Extreme clothing range they would have debated for ages making lists of every way they could envisage there excellent clothing being used in the field.  Bet you I just found a use for my Stealth Gear Extreme Fleece that they hadn’t thought of!

Bet you I just found a use for my Stealth Gear Extreme Fleece that they hadn’t thought of!

With only a few days to go until xmas the last thing you want to hear is that you’ve got a deer trapped somewhere on your patch but that’s exactly the call that came through. Initial reports said that the deer had got its head stuck between the railings of a metal fence adjacent to some woodland. Police were already in attendance and in truth a bit puzzled about what to do. It’s hardly your bread and butter call for Glasgow’s finest after all.


By the time I arrived and parked my car it was snowing heavily and the temperature was dropping so my Extreme jacket went over my fleece which allowed me to carry everything I needed in my pockets as well as keeping me warm. I had no idea how long this job would take.


Based on the information I had received, I had a plan in my head on how to try and release the poor things head, I was met however with a rather distressed deer well and truly stuck in a metal fence, not by the head, oh no that would have been easy to deal with, no this deer was well and truly stuck by its waist.


Now this is where the fleece comes in. The deer was obviously distressed and every so often had been trying to free itself, causing more damage. I removed my fleece and placed it over the deers head………..instant calm!


Roe Deer Rescue One


My colleagues were amazed. I set about giving it a quick examination to see if there were any obvious injuries. Apart from the fur having rubbed off where the metal was trapping the animals sides it appeared fine. The skin wasn’t broken, its breathing rate was good and under my fleece it was now calm.

A spanner set was sent for and we set about trying to remove the fencing to get the young female roe deer free.


Roe Deer Rescue 2



Rusted bolts proved our undoing though despite pry bars and crow bars so the local Fire and Rescue service were called for. Using hydraulic jaws with the generator set far enough back from the deer to ensure it wasn’t subjected to any more distress than was absolutely necessary, the professionals set about creating just enough space that I could lift the deer from its entrapment.


Roe Deer Rescue 3 Roe Deer Rescue 4



Once freed I gave it another check over and told everyone to stay back as I attempted to release it.


Roe Deer Rescue 5


Taking the fleece from its head, the little thing blinked in the sunlight, had a quick look around then was up and off like a rocket, straight into its woodland.

I’ll keep an eye on the woodland for the young roe over the next couple of weeks but for now it’s a muddy fleece back to the washing machine ready for my next trip out and a satisfying outcome for all!


Roe Deer Rescue