ExtremeTwo Man Chair Hide M2

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Stealth Gear Extreme Two Man Chair Hide M2 Camouflage Shelter
The Stealth Gear Extreme Two Man Chair Hide M2 is ideal for prolonged observation and shooting without being noticed by the wild and birds. Escape the daily grind for a few hours in the countryside or in the woods, or even in your own garden.

The camouflage pattern
The camouflage pattern has been specially developed for use in the countryside and can be used during any season of the year. Most camouflage patterns are developed in America for their own environments, but this camouflage pattern was developed by a team of professional nature photographers who wanted to make the best camouflage for European environments.

Properties and technical data
The camouflage tent is equipped with four side windows, where the front can be fully opened. In addition, there is a small window in the front that can also be opened. The tent comes with four ground pins. The chair is equipped with a handy cup holder. The Extreme Two Man Chair Hide M2 is ideal for use in combination with a monopod or tripod stand. A handy backpack is included where you can easily transport the tent. The tent is made of strong waterproof polyester so you don’t have to worry about weather conditions.

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