Ultimate Freedom Camonet Blackbird 100 x 240 cm

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The Ultimate Freedom Camonet Blackbird 100 x 240 cm is a large but lightweight camouflage net, ideal for carrying in a backpack as extra camouflage for your camera tent or to cover your gear. 
This camouflage net is printed on one side with a green forest pattern, the other side is printed in light brown. The camouflage net has a leaf cut, which gives it a very natural look with different tones.

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Plus and minus points 

According to our photo hide specialist

+ Perfect camouflage with a 3D leafcut pattern.

+ Double-sided print: forest green and light brown.

+ Size 100 x 240 cm, small foldable.

+ Rot and mildew resistant.

+ Low weight (0.20 kg).

+ Non-glossy ribbed material.

-  Does not completely cover a photo tent.


Perfect camouflage

If you often walk in nature, you will soon realise that birds and mammals are very afraid of humans. This is not surprising considering that these animals have been hunted almost everywhere for centuries.

Camouflaging yourself and your equipment is the best way to successfully photograph wildlife. The basic idea is that the animals no longer see or recognise us as human beings and therefore do not feel threatened. The use of a camouflage tent, a mobile camouflage tent or a camouflage net can be very useful.
This camouflage net is large enough to camouflage you, your equipment or your photo hide. The camouflage net can of course also be used to integrate your hideout even better into the area.
Printed on both sides: forest green and light brown, created with a 3D leafcut pattern, useful for different occasions and different camouflage tents.

Experiences from our specialists

  Big enough to cover yourself, partially your tent, or a car.

  Two different colours/patterms, so very useful.

  Easy to use in seconds.

  Quick to fold and store in 20 seconds.

Please note! Our camouflage nets are for outdoor use only.

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