Extreme Poncho 2

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Stealth Gear Extreme Poncho 2

The Stealth Gear Extreme Poncho 2 is an extra-large poncho that easily covers your entire body, even if you wear a backpack. The poncho is so big that it can also be used as a ground sail. The Extreme Poncho 2 is made of 100 polyester 190T PVC and is 100 waterproof.

Due to its natural green colour, the poncho offers excellent camouflage so you are less noticeable in the surroundings and is therefore ideal for nature and wildlife photography as well as for fishing and walking tours and much more. After use, you can store the poncho in the supplied bag for easy transport.


  • Ideal for nature and wildlife photography, walking tours, fishing and much more
  • Covers your entire body including backpack
  • Made of 100 polyester 190T PVC
  • 100% Waterproof
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